Amazon will use AI to deliver free samples of products it knows you want

With its treasure trove of user data, Amazon wants to revolutionize the ad targeting business by delivering free samples of what consumers like right to their doorstep.

Amazon has a new ad strategy that could throw a monstrous haymaker to the jaws of Facebook and Google’s online ad dominance. That is… if it connects.

Amazon will use AI to deliver free samples of products it knows you want

Per Axios, the e-commerce giant is testing a program that partners with brands like Maybelline and Folgers to send free samples to potential buyers’ doorsteps through Amazon’s delivery service.

Makes sense. Alexa sees you when you sleep, she knows when you’re awake, and she knows what you shop for online.

This could be a game changer

While most of Amazon’s $5B in ad revenue comes through targeted ads online, the company believes combining the ol’ “Avon lady” approach with customer data will provide “a higher conversion than display ads.” 

Analysts also predict the samples will create opportunities for Amazon to sell more of its own packaged goods and products.

Convenience always wins

While some test subjects were perplexed after wakin’ up to Folgers in their cup (or rather, their mailbox), a recent survey of 1.5k individuals found that only 33% were wary of their data being shared with 3rd parties.

And with more than 100m Prime services subscribers, analysts believe this is a major breakthrough in its efforts to throw Google and Facebook from their ad-dominated hills.

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