Steph Smith
Steph Smith, The Hustle

Ghost: The open-source startup helping creators turn audiences into a business

Ghost is an open-source alternative to Substack for newsletter publishers. Creators are already making $2m a year on its platform.

Steph Smith • March 31, 2021

The things we got right and wrong in 2020 (and ungated Trends content to check out)

What our Trends analysts got right (and wrong) in 2020.

Steph Smith • December 30, 2020

Trends business idea: Poorly executed but popular apps

Here are some popular (but poorly executed) apps: Acute Art, TalkingParents, Draw My Story.

Steph Smith • December 30, 2020

Quiz of the day

Think you stayed on top of startup news in 2020? Take our quiz and find out.

Steph Smith • December 30, 2020

Best Shopify Stores: What We Can Learn from the Top 1k

We analyzed 1,000 of the best Shopify businesses, unlocking the platform’s secrets for success.

Steph Smith • July 27, 2020

The booming business of digital privacy

Many people are starting to recognize that their data has a price, and they’re questioning whether they’re willing to trade it away.

Steph Smith • February 26, 2020

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