Barbie used up all the pink paint

Did Barbie cause a pink paint shortage? Well, kinda!

The upcoming Barbie movie has inspired a deluge of memes — but did it also cause a global shortage of pink paint? Well, kinda.


Though the first Barbie, released in 1959, donned a black-and-white swimsuit, her logo has always been a vivid pink.

For the live-action film, director Greta Gerwig insisted that Barbie’s world be unapologetically pink, including her mid-century, modern-inspired “Dreamhouse.”

Production designer Sarah Greenwood told Architectural Digest that the set used so much of Rosco’s fluorescent pink paint, it caused a shortage.


… specializes in paint for film and theater productions. Lauren Proud, VP of global marketing, confirmed to The Los Angeles Times that the film “did clean us out on paint” in 2022. But it was already in short supply due to:

  • The pandemic’s grip on the supply chain
  • The 2021 Texas freeze, which damaged raw materials

That’s not all

The paint’s back in stock, but the Barbie frenzy is just beginning, with #Barbiecore — full of perfectly pink fashion and decor trends — racking up 349m+ views on TikTok.

The brand generated $1.5B in sales for Mattel in 2022. It’s clearly hoping the movie will boost sales further, dropping a line of related dolls and accessories — including a ~1.8k-piece replica Dreamhouse for ~$150.

BTW: Check out this Barbie-inspired condo in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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