‘Barkitecture’ is the hot new interior design trend

Your pet is taking over the house in style.

We know that pet parents are crazy about their animals: They want them to attend the best parties, eat the highest-quality food, and, ideally, live forever.

A beagle in a red bandana emerging from a brown wooden dog house.

So, it’s not surprising that they’re also willing to design their homes around making their pets comfortable.

Enter: “barkitecture.”

Dubbed by Pinterest as a growing, “animal-first architecture” trend in 2021, barkitecture is still going strong as pet owners continue investing in their animals.

And when we say investing, we mean it: Americans spent an estimated $137B on their pets in 2022, a 10% increase from the year prior.

Per The Guardian, funds are going into interior add-ons like:

  • Custom, built-in dog showers and baths in entryways and laundry rooms to rinse off dirty dogs, starting at ~$2k.
  • Electronic pet doors that open to a chip on your pet’s collar.
  • Kennels, beds, and houses that blend in with a home’s decor and can cost anywhere from ~$3k to ~$10k.
  • Feeding stations with built-in faucets so water bowls can be easily refilled.
  • Catios that let cats sun themselves inside and outside the home.

There are even interior design firms that specialize in barkitecture, like architect Patrick Ahearn’s “home design with dogs in mind.”

This makes sense…

…as more Americans than ever are caring for pets.

Following a pandemic surge, 66% of US households — 86.9m homes — have a pet, up from 56% in 1988.

And some members of younger generations prioritize spoiling their pets above all else: One survey showed that 58% of Millennials would prefer a pet to a kid.

So for those who can still afford a home amid rising interest rates, customizing it for their pet is a simple decision.

And if you were still on the fence about the whole trend, this tiny pet sofa for your pup’s living room under the stairs will surely convince you.

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