MFM #91: Ben Askren’s Journey From UFC Champion to Crypto Investor

Shaan and Sam are joined by former UFC star Ben Askren. Ben talks about his journey to becoming an MMA champion and his post career business endeavors.

Mentality of a Champion 💪 🏆

Having wrestled in front of arenas from an early age, Ben is no stranger to the bright lights. He carried this mentality with him into the UFC, reveling in the big moments.

MFM #91: Ben Askren’s Journey From UFC Champion to Crypto Investor
  • Practice makes perfect: Ben had competed on big stages hundreds of times before getting into the UFC. Whether sports or business, getting reps in and doing something over and over is critical to success. This gave Ben the confidence to embrace big moments. He seldom felt nervous for big fights — in fact, he embraced them.
  • Book recommendation: Mastery by Robert Greene. The book examines the lives of historical and contemporary leaders, and examines what led to their success. “You’re not mastering a skill, you are mastering getting great.”
  • Superstition: “Superstition is another word for fear”. Ben doesn’t believe in relying on superstition and rituals for success.
  • Embrace failure: In June 2019, Ben suffered the fastest KO in UFC history. Far from hiding from the embarrassing defeat, Ben has embraced it and even laughs about it today. He believes authenticity is critical for any brand, and embracing embarrassment is no different.
  • Business failure: When confronted with failure in business, you can: 1) double down, 2) pivot, or 3) innovate.
  • Three types of people: 1) The dabbler —  does a bunch of things, but quits easily; 2) The stressor-achievers —  achieves success, but has to grind it out; 3) The master —  achieves success, but understands the road is difficult and embraces the journey.

Ben Askren: The Businessman 🤼 ➡️ 💼

Ben started his business career in 2011 with the opening of his first wrestling academy. Today his company, AWA, owns 5 gyms and Ben believes they will be the largest wrestling academy in the US within 3 years. Since retiring, Ben’s become a big voice within the crypto community.

Ben’s Books 📚

Ben’s committed to reading 25 books this year — he’s already read 23. Here are some of the best he’s read so far:

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