Bluesky soars, Mattel’s legal drama, turkey with all the fixings, and more numbers

Where we get our news, the price of a feast, Bluesky’s gains, and more numbers.

30%: Percentage of US adults who say they regularly get the news from Facebook. Interestingly, while only 14% of US adults say they get news from TikTok, among TikTok users, 43% say they regularly get news there, up from 22% in 2022.

A blue and white Mattel Hot Wheels car, a Thanksgiving turkey and pumpkin pie, three rolled-up newspapers over a TikTok logo, and a hand holding up a mobile phone open to the Bluesky app on an orange background.

2m+: Number of Bluesky users. The Twitter alternative launched in February, hitting its first 1m users in September. Bluesky plans to launch a public web interface soon, and will join the fediverse next year. (WTF is the fediverse? Glad you asked. We got you.)

$49m: How much the UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital claims Mattel owes it. Per the hospital’s breach-of-contract lawsuit, the toymaker pledged the donation in 2017, but only gave a few million dollars and some toys. Mattel argues that its donation was meant for a new tower UCLA has since decided not to build. Mattel isn’t doing too shabby these days, with Barbie sales up 16% thanks to Barbie, the year’s top-grossing film at $1.4B+.

$61.71: The estimated cost of a Thanksgiving meal for 10, per the American Farm Bureau Federation, down 4.5% YoY, but up 25% from 2019. This feast includes turkey (down 5.6% in cost YoY), cranberries, sweet potatoes, veggies, stuffing, rolls, and pie — but not mashed potatoes which is a real travesty.

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