Cold plunges are going corporate

The obsession with ice baths reaches new depths.

You’re wearing a bathing suit, neck-deep in icy water, and talking deliverables with your boss…

A man and a woman in copper tubs filled with ice cubes.

… Nope, this isn’t your recurring nightmare! This is (somehow) an emerging trend in the events space.

We know people love ice baths and spend big on them — but, according to The Wall Street Journal, the wellness practice has mutated into a frigid new networking tool:

  • Othership, based in Toronto, offers an alcohol-free environment with saunas and ice baths for those looking for nontraditional schmoozing activities.
  • Fyre Sauna delivers mobile saunas and cold plunges to homes, campgrounds, and businesses.
  • Remedy Place in New York and Los Angeles, which calls itself a “social wellness club,” gives those looking to network a host of wellness options to bond over, from ice baths and cryotherapy to acupuncture and vitamin infusions.

And as more look to take the plunge, some retreat planning companies are making sure their plans include an icy option.

Grand Dynamics, an executive retreat and team-building planning company, organizes 100+ events annually and says more than half of its clients request cold-immersion experiences.

The ice bath obsession…

… seems to be here to stay.

Many homeowners and developers are making long-term commitments to the practice, investing in building cold plunges for their properties.

And the cold plunge market, which reached $310.6m in 2022, is expected to hit $400m+ by 2028.

Plus, networking might be just the first of many weird industries overcome by ice baths — we present to you: cold plunge speed-dating.

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