Zuckerberg wants to help us find love: Day 1 of Facebook’s annual developer conference

Facebook kicked off its annual, 2-day developer conference, F8, yesterday. Here’s what we know after Day 1.

Facebook kicked off its annual 2-day developer conference, F8, yesterday. Mark Zuckerberg wasted no time addressing the elephant in the room — 2018, he admitted, “has been an intense year.”

Zuckerberg wants to help us find love: Day 1 of Facebook’s annual developer conference

Zuck apologized for the data scandal (again), and offered a course of action for users: a new “Clear History” feature that allows users to clear their “browsing history on Facebook,” much like you’d clear your cookies on a browser.

Unfortunately for Facebook, their own company history isn’t so easily erased. You can watch Day 2 of the conference on Facebook’s livestream today. Here’s what the ’book is cooking after Day 1:

The ‘Oculus Go’ VR is $199… if you’re into that kind of thing

Facebook slashed about $200 from its OG Oculus Rift VR headset, announcing a new, more affordable Oculus Go base model for $199.

FB’s had trouble finding a market for its previous VR-ware, and the company is hoping that this feature-light version is the gateway drug that’ll get people hooked on their headsets.

IG got some TLC

Facebook announced several updates to its Snapchat-killer, Instagram, including live videochat, a Spotify integration that lets you share songs and playlists on stories — and a more searchable Explore page with clickable topics for things you like.

So you can just skip the pleasantries and get straight to the “oddly satisfying” slime videos.

They’re rolling out dating features… no, really

We’re serious. In arguably the juiciest update of Day 1, Zuckerberg announced that the platform will be taking on Tinder with dating profiles that suggest matches with people you aren’t already friends with.

Hey, if all that data they’ve been collecting helps us find true love… maybe it was all worth it after all.

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