Good things are on the menu for restaurants this year

After a tough few years for the industry, restaurants might finally be catching a break.

It’s been a hard four years for the restaurant industry.

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When the pandemic hit, restaurants were some of the most impacted businesses. In the US, an estimated 72.7k closed due to covid.

But now, there are signs of regrowth: Yelp listings show that ~53.8k new restaurants opened last year, representing 16.1 new restaurants for every 100k people, per Axios.

Some types of restaurants in particular have been taking off:

  • Desserts (up 66% YoY)
  • Pop-ups (up 66%)
  • Creperies (up 63%)
  • Hot pot (up 53%)

Certain cuisines have also experienced upswings, like African and Peruvian restaurants, which are up 65% and 28%, respectively, compared to 2019.

What’s for dinner?

The restaurants themselves aren’t the only things changing — menu offerings are getting revamped as shops compete in a cutthroat market.

And there are some noticeable trends emerging on today’s menus, per The New York Times:

  • Certain classics reign supreme — like Caesar salads and fried chicken — with some unexpected new items taking off, like caviar, yuzu, and panna cotta.
  • Desserts are becoming more drinkable (hello, espresso martini) and nostalgic.
  • Alcohol-free beverages are still on the rise, with more menus dedicating entire sections to zero-proof drinks.

Plus, menus are increasingly colorful and modern, and include more content highlighting restaurant labor, like info on ingredient sourcing or explanations of service fees.

The restaurant renaissance…

… is not without its hardships. In a 2023 poll by Washington, D.C.’s restaurant association, 75% of establishments reported being less profitable than pre-pandemic.

Then, of course, there are the rising costs of labor and ingredients, with the added hurdle of budget-conscious customers dining out less.

Ending with a bit of good news: You’re not just getting older and going blind — smaller font sizes are actually in vogue, with some restaurants dipping down to 5 points.

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