EMAILED ON April 9, 2018 BY Wes Schlagenhauf

Orion Span Inc. announces plan to open the first ever luxury hotel… in space

Looking to book a trip? Say no more. The future is (almost) here, and when it arrives, you’ll be looking at a pretty out of this world vacation package.

As first reported by Bloomberg, Houston-based Orion Span Inc. announced plans to open the first-ever space hotel to give normal, everyday millionaires the chance to feel like real space rangers.

But this ain’t no stay at the Ramada Inn

The luxury space hotel will orbit 200 miles above Earth, offering 4 guests an incredibly high-speed 12-day space stay and costing an exorbitant number of Earth dollars.

According to Orion Span’s CEO Frank Bunger, they aren’t selling an easy breezy experience, but instead “the experience of being an astronaut” — a very, very rich astronaut.

The stay at “Aurora Station” — AKA the perfect name for a spaceship horror movie — starts at $9.5m per person, or around $792k a night. The station, which can house as many as 4 guests and 2 crew, requires an $80k deposit to secure your spot.

And it’s not that far out

Orion Span is mulling potential funding (at an undisclosed amount) to get the project off the ground and into space. It hopes to launch in late 2021 and have its first guest the following year.

Some skeptics believe the startup’s lofty four-year time frame may be a ruse to assess the market — and whether people are really that eager to get space-wasted.