clouds and rain

The economics of making it rain

It may sound like sci-fi, but weather modification is a decades-old business that’s growing internationally.

Alex Mayyasi • July 7, 2023

Why snow costs America a fortune every year

Snow is peaceful and calm when it falls, but it leads to billions of dollars in cascading costs.

Mark Dent • January 13, 2023

How businesses in Jackson are getting by without water

The city’s struggle illustrates how much small businesses depend on a reliable water supply.

Mark Dent • September 7, 2022

Fake snow: Big business on a warming planet

The Beijing Winter Olympics relied on fake snow. As the planet warms, the business is apt to grow.

Juliet Bennett Rylah • February 28, 2022

Brace for the snowplow driver shortage of 2021

A shortage of snowplow drivers is plaguing the Midwest and Northeast, and could lead to troubling conditions this winter.

Rob Litterst • November 5, 2021

The Weather Channel is going all in on shopping

Weather apps are changing up how they track you. Get ready for a ton of weather-based ads.

Michael Waters • September 18, 2020

Cloudy with a chance of confusion: Coronavirus messes with the forecast

Forecast models rely on data collected from commercial flights, and the data is disappearing with planes grounded.

Nick DeSantis • April 6, 2020

Private companies are taking the weather biz by storm… and raising some red flags

The weather forecasting biz is booming, but questions about how data should be managed remain.

Mia Sullivan • November 26, 2019

Weather tech finally joined the 21st century. But the forecast may surprise you

ClimaCell and other weather tech startups are using connected devices to create hyperlocal weather maps and sell them to a range of clients.

Conor Grant • November 6, 2019

The Weather Channel is stuck in a location data lawsuit, and the forecast looks bad

The LA city attorney is suing the Weather Channel app for misleading users and selling their data.

Conor Grant • January 7, 2019

Weather forecasting startup, ClimaCell, tracks a $45m funding round

A short-term, hyper-local weather forecasting startup raised $45m in a Series B, and as it turns out, being able to predict the weather is highly important for self-driving vehicles.

Wes Schlagenhauf • October 5, 2018

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