The business of bedtime snacks

Businesses are looking to lure bedtime snackers with better-for-you, sleep-promoting treats.

For as long as I can remember, the fourth meal has been Taco Bell. Specifically, a Crunchwrap Supreme at 2:15am after closing down a karaoke bar.

bedtime snacks

But now, there’s a new fourth meal designed to give you a peaceful night’s sleep at a reasonable hour.

Bedtime snacks

The global sleep aids market was valued at $67.5B in 2022, per Polaris Market Research. Meanwhile, interest in “functional” beverages and snacks, with special ingredients for things like focus, energy, and relaxation, has also taken off in recent years.

Thus, it’s not surprising that there’s an emerging market of sleep treats, per Food Dive.

Examples include:

  • Nightfood, which makes cookies and ice cream
  • Nestle’s Goodnight chocolates
  • Post’s Sweet Dreams cereal

Nightfood’s products are designed for people who already indulge before bed — containing less sugar, fewer calories, and sleep ingredients like tryptophan, which our bodies use to produce melatonin.

Post’s cereal contains lavender, chamomile, and vitamins that support melatonin production.

But do they work?

We’re certain they’re more fun to nosh on than melatonin gummies, and more satisfying than downing a couple valerian capsules. But can they replace them?

It’s long been said you shouldn’t eat before bed, but recent studies suggest that while a large meal hurts, a light snack could help. That’s especially true if it’s rich in nutrients, low in calories, and includes sleep-inducing ingredients — like tryptophan.

It may be a while before we get studies on these specific products, but they’re probably better for you than chowing down on a Crunchwrap Supreme before passing out…

… Though we can’t guarantee we won’t do that again.

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