Tiny pets are having a big moment

Lizards, hamsters, and guinea pigs, oh my! Americans are spoiling their tiny pets rotten.

Move over, cats and dogs — there are some new, tiny attention hogs in town.

Two brown-and-white guinea pigs wearing blue party hats on a pink background.

Lizards, hamsters, guinea pigs, and other mini pets are reaping the benefits of owners willing to spoil them rotten, per The Wall Street Journal.

Those perks include some pretty adorable products designed specifically for them:

  • Rock and Scott sells everything from habitats to tiny party hats for small pets.
  • GuineaDad makes customizable wooden castles for guinea pigs.
  • Pocket’s Pet lists snacks, chew toys, and accessories on Etsy.
  • Norm’s Piggy Pen offers spa services like nail trims and blow-drys for guinea pigs, rabbits, and ferrets.

And, after customers complained that pet habitats were eyesores in their homes, PetSmart partnered with HGTV designers Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent to create small-pet decor, including faux leather and sherpa couches.

The pets may be small, but the potential profit is big: Businesses are vying for a piece of the ~$136.8B pet market.

While little pets are getting more popular…

… dog ownership is dwindling. The number of American households with dogs fell 5.6% YoY to 65.1m.

Despite an adoption boom during the pandemic, shelters have been filling back up and owners are skimping on dog and cat food.

But people are still bringing home pint-sized friends: The number of American households with small pets has risen 7% this year.

We leave you with this important note as we approach Halloween: Tiny pet costumes are a thing.

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