Marc Lore, the David to Amazon’s Goliath, will step down as Walmart’s e-commerce chief

Marc Lore

When the topic of “Amazon is a fierce competitor” comes up, one of the most famous case studies is Quidsi, which owned

Marc Lore, the David to Amazon’s Goliath, will step down as Walmart’s e-commerce chief

Co-founded by Marc Lore in 2005, was an e-commerce trailblazer that figured out how to ship bulky, low-margin products like — you guessed it — diapers.

Amazon tried to acquire but was rebuffed.

Apparently, Jeff Bezos doesn’t like to get rejected

Soon after getting turned down, Amazon bots tracked and undercut its prices by 30%+.

The Amazon price war became so onerous for Lore and his team that Quidsi eventually caved and sold to the Seattle giant for $545m in 2011.

After a stint at Amazon, Lore co-founded

It was yet another e-commerce competitor to Amazon that would be acquired by Walmart for $3.3B in 2016.

Since then, Lore has led Walmart’s battle against Amazon. Per the Wall Street Journal, his efforts have led to mixed results:

  • Online sales are up, driven by online grocery sales from stores.
  • A redesign of added 10s of millions of items and sped up delivery times.
  • Acquisitions of digitally-native brands, like clothes retailers Bonobos and Modcloth, haven’t really moved the needle.

Walmart’s e-comm biz made crucial changes during the pandemic…

… including more online grocery sales, curbside pickup, third-party merchants, and the rollout of a Prime-like subscription service.

On Friday, Lore announced his retirement from Walmart, effective Jan. 31. The timing lines up with the 5-year, $250m restricted stock package he received.

What’s next? Lore tells the WSJ he wants to build “the city of the future” and — on a slightly less ambitious note — write a book.

Either way, the dude’s done slinging diapers.

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