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Ark Invest believes deep learning will create $30T of value over the next 15-20 years

Deep learning will power self-driving cars, drug discovery, and countless other industries -- according to Ark Invest.

Ark Invest is one of the finance industry’s most interesting money managers.

Led by Cathie Wood — who predicted that Tesla would be a trillion-dollar company when it was valued at only ~$40B (it’s worth ~$796B today) — the firm is known for its unique investing approach.

Instead of hiring traditional MBAs, Wood staffs her firm with scientists and researchers, who help to construct exchange traded funds (ETFs) for next-generation investing ideas including fintech, genomics, and space.

Ark just released its closely watched Big Ideas 2021 report…

… and the top prediction this year is that deep learning (DL) — an “AI function that mimics the workings of the human brain in processing data” — will create $30T in market value in the next 15-20 years.

We know that’s a comically huge number (equal to ~15 Apples), but here’s the case:

Taken together, the Ark team believes that the market cap creation from DL will hit $30T by 2037, more value than the internet will create.

We should all take these projections with a grain of salt… but it wouldn’t be the first outlandish prediction Wood made that came true.

Deep learning to create $30T in market cap value by 2037? (Source: Ark Invest)


Disclosure: The author has taken a long position in an ARK ETF ($ARKF) after the publication of this article.

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