Eight ecommerce trends to keep an eye on

Apple will become an ad player. Malls will primarily be for logistics. Retailers will depend less on 3rd-party retailers. And more.

You’ve prob heard this stat: the pandemic accelerated the shift to ecommerce by 5 years.

Eight ecommerce trends to keep an eye on

While the transition is happening, the shakeout has been anything but clean.

To wit: Shopify — the face of the ecommerce shift — has seen its stock fall 60% from recent highs due to technological (Facebook’s faltering ad business) and macro (reopening) changes.

What’s next?

One of the leading resources on the industry is 2PM, which — together with Deloitte — released a report highlighting 8 ecommerce trends:

  • Brands to drop 3rd-party retailers: To better control inventory and customer experience, brands will focus on their own channels of distribution (“Nike will be 70% direct by 2027”).
  • Digitally native brands will open more stores: Why? Physical locations “heighten the brand’s online halo.”
  • Apple’s privacy changes will have a long-lasting effect. The iPhone maker has already stymied Facebook’s ad tracking and is on track to build its own ad empire.
  • Rising customer acquisition costs force companies to invest in their own content to reach future customers (*cough* like HubSpot buying The Hustle *cough*).
  • Payments is a battleground: The US is only 8th in mobile payments adoption. Increasing adoption is a huge biz opportunity.
  • Big retailers like Amazon and Walmart will continue to buy up planes and ships to avoid future supply chain disruptions.
  • The future of malls could be as logistic hubs for ecommerce, especially as product return sites.
  • Web3 more than a fad: Brands will have to figure out their metaverse and blockchain strategies.

You can read the whole report here. As for us, there’s only one ironclad prediction: By 2027, we’ll still be ordering toilet paper from Amazon.

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