Your best Cameo shoutouts: The Nature Boy, Big Cat Rescue, and a 90th-birthday surprise

We asked, and y’all delivered.

July 23, 2020

I asked for your best Cameo shoutouts. Y’all delivered:

💪 Ric “The Nature Boy” Flair: “Birthday gift for my best pal, college roommate and teammate for his 50th birthday. It brought him to tears while laughing. It was worth the $500 bucks!!” (Jon B.)

(PS: Here’s my failed attempt at getting Bill Burr into a rap video with Ric Flair.)

🐅 Carole Baskin: “I got a Cameo from Carole Baskin as a surprise for my husband’s 50th birthday. When I look back on this quarantine years from now, I’ll be reminded how Tiger King bonded us as a nation and on a personal level how it unexpectedly became our date-night in ritual when we couldn’t go out.” (Jenny P.)

🏀 Cuttino Mobley: “I was engaged in talking smack with a diehard Clippers fan (vomit). I’m a diehard Lakers fan. He mentioned Cuttino Mobley was one of his favorite Clippers players and a childhood hero. So I hired Cuttino to talk [ish] to him too.” (Omer H.)

A special shoutout to Patrick D., a Hustle reader/comedian who says he wants “to become the first person who is ‘Cameo Famous.’”

Finally, this is a great story. Jesse W.’s grandfather is a huge Cleveland Indians fan. For his 90th birthday, he received HBD wishes from Indians pitcher Shane Bieber:

“HE WAS SHOCKED,” Jesse wrote. “He had no idea how I pulled off contacting the Cleveland Indians… the man must have played the video 50 times, I’ve never seen him so excited and tickled.”

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