Why did A24 launch a membership?

The indie studio is diversifying beyond the box office.

Even if you don’t know the name, you’ve likely seen an A24 film.

Why did A24 launch a membership?

The box office success of films like Hereditary, Lady Bird, and Everything Everywhere All at Once has challenged the notion that indie films are dead, and the studio’s cultural cachet has cultivated a devoted fanbase.

In April, A24 launched a membership program, giving fans access to the studio’s notoriously secretive inner workings, per Fast Company’s Joe Berkowitz.

The membership…

… is called AAA24 (not to be confused with AAA, the roadside assistant). For $5/mo., members get:

  • Subscriptions to A24’s zines, made by filmmakers like Jonah Hill, Greta Gerwig, and Sean Baker.
  • Membership cards and key fobs that grant access to live events.
  • “Close Friends” status on A24’s Instagram account, where they’re given access to secret giveaways.

Berkowitz likens the membership’s combination of indie film prestige and exclusive merch to a Miramax-Supreme hybrid.

But it’s also a way to diversify

Not all of A24’s films are box office hits, and the studio is okay with that. Having a baseline of recurring revenue gives A24 an advantage over other studios that struggle to make it in a franchise-dominated world.

  • A24’s members are devoted, regularly hitting the brand’s subreddit to geek out over films and merch.

Speaking of franchises, Disney recently announced plans to launch a membership of its own.

As to how that move will play out, we say this: never underestimate the power of Disney adults.

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