Y Combinator’s greatest hits

Y Combinator’s top 10 most valuable companies are worth a combined $150B+.

We’ve been told by people in high places that a bunch of well-known tech companies are preparing to go public with some fat valuations:

Y Combinator’s greatest hits

With that type of money being thrown around, there will be a lot of winners. Chief among them: Y Combinator (YC).

All 3 of these bad boys went through the famed startup incubator

These won’t be YC’s first IPOs: Dropbox went public in 2018 and PagerDuty followed in 2019.

But based on the public valuations being floated around, all 3 startups will be among YC’s top 5 greatest hits:

PS. We asked Twitter what would be more valuable over the next decade:

  • Bitcoin (currently valued at ~$330B)
  • These top 10 YC companies (currently valued at ~$155B)

Innanet legend Anthony Pompliano (aka Pomp) — and former MFM guest — said “For the 10 you mentioned, each would have to be 1 trillion to have a chance to outperform bitcoin in [the] next decade IMO. A few may be out of business by then based on how quick tech innovation happens.”

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