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👢 Taylor Swift wore boots, so now you do, too

Plus: The ref who traded med school for the NBA, a lonely whale, a cute bunny game, and more.View Online You like seeing certain animals at the zoo, but do they like seeing you? A UK study found parrots and elephants seem to enjoy visitors the most. Among those not so enthused by humans: frogs, ostriches, rhinos, hippos, kangaroos, and…

🙅 Let’s not start a Ponzi scheme today

Plus: Not so VinFast, The Little Mermaid’s big box office take, a synth celebration, and more.View Online Seamstresses in Romania unfurled a 357-foot-long T-shirt, certified as the world’s largest. It was then broken down into 10k clothing items for kids, which was a way better idea than ours (making it into a shirt for the Statue of Liberty). In today’s…

📱 ← This is not a dinner menu

Plus: What to catch up on this weekend, geography trivia, so long to “Succession,” and more.View Online A new study estimates a gobsmacking 1.7B Tyrannosaurus rexes once roamed the Earth. If they were still around today, the T. rex nation would be the most populous — and most frightening — nation in the world, though we still like our odds…

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