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Plus: The quest to end virtual cycling cheating, more Taylor economics, nine biz ideas, and more.View Online Bob Ross completed 1.1k+ paintings over the 31-season run of “The Joy of Painting,” but one from the very first episode depicting a stone path, a pond, and some trees is getting outsized attention right now. It’s on the market — listed at…

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Plus: Fake reviews on Yelp, a $1.5m art heist, make some stained glass, and more. View Online The Hershey Co. has appointed its first-ever chief technology officer, as the candymaker invests in its digital infrastructure. This isn’t the kind of news that’ll rock your world today, but it felt like a kindness to ease you into things before the inevitable…

A Black woman wearing a white T-shirt and sleeping on a bed with a pillow and white sheets.

🥣 Is cereal over?

Plus: Digits, the biggest onion, AI’s impact on creative writing, and more. View Online Extreme weather? Routine maintenance? Cyberattack? None of the usual suspects were at fault when ~15k Montana residents lost electricity three different times last week — it was just some pesky squirrels doing damage to a local substation. In today’s email: Power nap: Even your sleep is…

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