New AI-powered tech is for the dogs (literally)

Return to office policies were tough on dogs but tech is coming to the rescue.

Amid the daily excitement of you coming home, dinner time, and going for a W-A-L-K, your dog may not have clocked it, but 2023 was a hard year for canines.

A brown dog stands next to a robot.
  • Dog intake at US shelters continued its post-pandemic rise, up ~22% since 2021.
  • One in 10 pet owners rehomed their dogs, and another 11% thought about it.
  • And even for those with a steady home situation, the house may’ve been a lot lonelier: ~2.5m Americans returned to the office in 2023.

Fortunately, 2024 is looking up. (If every dog has its day, then why can’t it have one 365x in a row?)

The AI-led future is here for the pooches

There are a handful of tech innovations ahead aiming to improve pups’ quality of life — and, perhaps, also make owners think twice about parting ways:

  • Ogmen Robotics is currently displaying ORo, its robotic dog assistant, at CES. The sensor-packed ORo can autonomously move around a home, throw a ball, and its robotic face can display videos of a pet’s owner. It’ll go on sale in April for $799.
  • If you’d rather have a more static doggy au pair, we previously covered Companion, an enrichment device loaded with dog games and a precision treat launcher debuting this summer.
  • Another CES hit: Minitailz, a new $99 smart collar from Invoxia with live GPS tracking and heart-health scans. Its paired app has an AI chatbot agent that creates personalized pet reports and flags cardiac irregularities.
  • Japan’s One by One is developing an $8/month streaming music service for dogs, with breed-specific mixes to soothe anxious dogs.
  • Dog food is also becoming increasingly tech-forward: Pet food manufacturer PawCo Foods “leverages AI to enhance nutrition and palatability” for its plant-based meat.

We’re not entirely sure what that means, but neither will your dog, so it only stands to further unify man and man’s best friend.

Perhaps you’re a cat person? Worry not; they aren’t getting ignored here — Invoxia’s Minitailz is down ~100 grams in weight from its previous smart collar model, making it workable for any tech-savvy kitties.

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