Pet tech is the cat’s meow

Really? A few hundred bucks on a smart collar? Why people are hitting “Add to cart.”

pet tech

Are you even a remote worker if there’s not at least one pet making itself known in every Zoom meeting?

But what if all that barking, pawing, and tail wagging isn’t just for attention? Our four-legged friends might be asking to borrow our tech.

Per The Wall Street Journal, pets want in on the newest tech trends, and their owners are ready to spend some serious cash to make their furry dreams come true:

  • Automatic litter boxes appeal to owners and cats who want to stay clean (and who have an extra $500-$700 lying around).
  • Robots can help pet parents keep a watchful eye, sling treats, and play fetch.
  • Smart collars use GPS to track pets and can monitor their health and habits.
  • DNA tests made specifically for cats or dogs provide info on ancestry and disease risk.

There are even doggy treadmills to help your pup with his summer body and fur vacuums for home grooming.

Not so far-fetched

Like our own tech bells and whistles, these ones also don’t come cheap — the smart canine treadmill, for example, starts at ~$800 — but that hasn’t stopped these products from entering the mainstream.

A 2022 study shows that 83% of North American and European pet owners own at least one pet tech device.

Plus, a handful of external factors are fueling demand:

  • The pandemic led to a steep increase in pet ownership.
  • More people think of their pets as family than ever before.
  • AI advancements are driving innovation in the pet tech industry.

Just don’t go too crazy with the tech, or your poodle will be leading that touch-base with your boss before you know it.

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