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A law equal pay law in Colorado is costing residents remote work opportunities

A new equal pay law in Colorado -- and the additional bureaucracy -- is costing the state’s residents remote work opportunities.

Ethan Brooks • June 29, 2021

Digits: Erasing student debt, Amazon’s Black Business Accelerator, and shrooms

Rounding up this week’s most interesting news in numbers.

Ethan Brooks • June 21, 2021

Digits: Women of the F500, a galactic short call, and a brand new ocean.

Numbers you should know from the week’s most interesting headlines.

Ethan Brooks • June 14, 2021

Digits: Supersonic planes, 100+ unicorns, and Isaac Newton’s notes

A roundup of the week’s most interesting numbers, with insights from Nestle, lawyers bullying Amazon, and another cargo ship making waves.

Ethan Brooks • June 7, 2021

Morocco is seeing a huge surge in cryptocurrency use

In 2017, Morocco banned the use of cryptocurrencies. It didn’t work.

Ethan Brooks • March 29, 2021

Where the hell are all the shipping containers?

A critical shortage of shipping containers is boosting cargo fees and sending shockwaves through global supply chains.

Ethan Brooks • March 26, 2021

Vegan food unicorns are taking over the market

The plant-based meat and dairy industries are worth a combined $22B and are growing fast.

Ethan Brooks • March 24, 2021

What happened to the New York Times’ cooking community Facebook group?

The New York Times’ popular Facebook group is in disarray after the media company stopped moderating it.

Ethan Brooks • March 19, 2021

The world is facing a big dam problem

As the world’s energy storage demands rise, this startup is turning hills into batteries.

Ethan Brooks • February 10, 2021

Uber was swindled out of $100m in ad spend and no one is talking about it

Uber losing $100m on ad spend shines light on the (often ineffective) programmatic ad industry.

Ethan Brooks • January 7, 2021

Scammers have ripped off as much as $36B in unemployment benefits this year

US states are fighting back against an unemployment benefits scam originating from Nigeria.

Ethan Brooks • January 6, 2021

Nuclear tech: Coming to a boat near you?

Danish startup Seaborg just raised $24m to create a safer nuclear power option.

Ethan Brooks • December 29, 2020

Robomart doesn’t deliver products… it delivers the entire store

Robomart shows that the next iteration in delivery is… store-hailing.

Ethan Brooks • December 22, 2020

The newest tech unicorn is… salon software?

Zenoti -- a SaaS software for the spa and salon industry -- just became a unicorn after a big $160m raise.

Ethan Brooks • December 16, 2020

How to avoid burnout by working less and doing more

Feeling burned out? Here's how to leverage priorities, positive constraints, and psychology to avoid a long-term funk.

Ethan Brooks • October 24, 2020

Test Your Startup Savvy

Test your startup savvy by trying our 5-question quiz, which draws on some of our most popular posts, covering everything from social media food fads to the business of tiny house rentals.

Ethan Brooks • June 3, 2020

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