A woman in a yellow shirt and a man in a blue sweater sitting across from each other at a conference table, both looking at their phones.

WeWork might be dead, but coworking lives on

The demand for shared workspaces isn’t gone, but it will look a little different.

Sara Friedman • November 16, 2023

Uh, why is Tom Brady in the office? How celebrity-brand partnerships are evolving

Brands are leaning on prominent figures to do more than just put their famous faces on TV.

Lestraundra Alfred • October 5, 2023
A stack of blue, green, and red suitcases with a laptop balanced on top displaying the airport sign.

Airports are joining the work-from-anywhere party

In our quest to work from anywhere, we’ve started working from absolutely everywhere.

Sara Friedman • October 2, 2023
A woman holding a laptop with clocks in the background.

Could core weeks be the answer to the return-to-office dilemma?

Smucker may have found the solution to our workplace woes.

Sara Friedman • August 29, 2023
WeWork stock price over time

WeWork is a poor limping gazelle in a nature documentary

Once one of the world’s most valuable startups, WeWork stock now costs less than a gumball.

Ben Berkley • August 11, 2023

Why our vacation days have been vanishing

Most Americans have access to paid vacation days, but that doesn’t mean they’re actually taking ‘em off.

Sara Friedman • August 10, 2023
search interest for how to leave work early

On the job from nine to five… or is it four?

Data suggest office workers are signing off earlier.

Jacob Cohen • July 21, 2023

Some tech workers are embracing pay cuts — and Canada

Tired? Fired? It may be time for poutine.

Jacob Cohen • July 5, 2023
teen labor force participation over time

Summer gains: The teen job market is beefing back up

Looking to scoop ice cream this summer? It’ll pay off for you.

Jacob Cohen • June 16, 2023

Having a terrible time landing a new job? You’re not the only one

Want a new gig? Be prepared for it to take a while.

Ben Berkley • May 22, 2023
burnout retreats

How many zeros would you shell out to feel less zeroed out?

Widespread burnout is driving the expansion of specialized clinics. Very, very expensive specialized clinics.

Ben Berkley • May 8, 2023
Average US work hours

Working hardly or hardly working? Americans’ on-the-job hours are dropping

US employees have shaved 30 minutes off their average workweeks since 2019.

Jacob Cohen • April 9, 2023
Big Tech office perks

Big Tech reins in the perks

Abundant office perks are no longer a given.

Jacob Cohen • March 10, 2023
worker at a laptop

Body doubles are getting stuff done

Body doubling, or parallel work, has grown popular online among people with ADHD and those who desire community.

Juliet Bennett Rylah • March 7, 2023

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