Conor Grant
Writer, The Hustle

Joe Camel and the Marlboro Man are stubbing out their smokes… to find a corona-cure

Big cigarette manufacturers are using their biopharma divisions -- which usually do R&D for vape products -- to develop COVID-19 vaccines using tobacco leaves.

Conor Grant • April 1, 2020

Eggs are as expensive as ever, but bacon’s a bargain. Why?

The pandemic has led to increasing egg prices and decreasing bacon prices, exposing supply-chain differences.

Conor Grant • March 31, 2020

The Internet Archive is writing a new chapter in the ongoing battle over e-books

The Internet Archive removed restrictions on its e-library, which delighted readers and rankled authors.

Conor Grant • March 31, 2020

Borders are closing (like everything else). That’s particularly bad news for ‘border-conomies’

Border closures are impacting supply chains around the world, and they’re hitting some businesses harder than others.

Conor Grant • March 26, 2020

The Waffle House Index just hit a code red

Waffle Houses, which are historically a bellwether for disaster severity, are closing by the hundreds.

Conor Grant • March 26, 2020

Big Businesses and Average Joes are lining up for corona cash. But who’ll get what?

Congress reached an historic deal on a $2T corona stimulus, and businesses and individuals alike are already lining up to collect their corona cash.

Conor Grant • March 26, 2020

Businesses of all sizes pivot to battle the pandemic — and to stay afloat

Despite ambiguous federal policies, several big American businesses began adapting their production facilities to address medical supplies shortages… and small businesses are doing their part, too.

Conor Grant • March 24, 2020

Amazon’s hiring laid-off small biz workers. What does that mean for the long-term labor market?

Amazon and other big employers are hiring small business employees who’ve been laid off, but that could drive their old employers out of business.

Conor Grant • March 23, 2020

A consumer’s guide to the coronavirus

A lot of small businesses and workers are struggling due to the coronavirus crisis. Here’s how you can help.

Conor Grant • March 20, 2020

Zoom is taking over our lives. Things are getting weird.

All the new residents of Zoom, USA are running into a tangle of social rules.

Conor Grant • March 18, 2020

In tough times, restaurants roll out a new investment opportunity: ‘Dining bonds’

Restaurants are grouping together to offer “dining bonds” -- AKA discounted gift cards -- in order to help generate enough cash flow to weather the crisis.

Conor Grant • March 18, 2020

Why is everyone talking about buybacks?

As a potential bailout looms for the airline industry, critics are starting to reconsider the benefits of stock buybacks.

Conor Grant • March 17, 2020

Here’s what you need to know about ‘circuit breakers’

Stock trading has been halted market-wide 3x in a week by “circuit breakers,” but traders can’t agree whether the policy is helpful or harmful.

Conor Grant • March 16, 2020

What does the coronavirus mean for business?

The coronavirus is everyone’s business. Here’s what you should know.

Conor Grant • March 12, 2020

The NFL is going after international players — but it really wants international fans

The NFL’s expanded International Player Pathway program hopes to recruit foreign players -- and foreign fans.

Conor Grant • March 11, 2020

As the influencer industry evolves, creators are cashing in with ‘content collectives’

A growing number of influencers are forming groups to capitalize on their followers and establish brand partnerships.

Conor Grant • March 11, 2020

What happens when you make a product for a tiny niche — and then everyone wants it?

A startup that made a niche product to prevent people from pulling their hair rebranded to offer a product suited for a pandemic.

Conor Grant • March 10, 2020

Why in the name of Kirkland Signature does Costco sell $600k wedding rings?

Costco keeps luxury items in its inventory because it wants to be known as the destination for everything. And because it wants to keep customers on their toes.

Conor Grant • March 9, 2020

Here’s how the Marucci baseball bat biz went from the backyard to the big league

Marucci became the biggest bat company in the MLB by partnering with players instead of paying them as spokesmen.

Conor Grant • March 9, 2020

The skies are filled with ‘ghost planes’ thanks to the strange market for flight slots

Thanks to a bizarre secondary economy for flight slots, airlines are sending empty “ghost flights” through European skies.

Conor Grant • March 8, 2020

In Mongolia, cashmere is king… but it could cause the economy to slowly unravel

Mongolia’s booming cashmere business is exacting a huge toll on its natural resources, and now the country is working to spin out a solution before it’s too late.

Conor Grant • March 5, 2020

A new bean baron has planted seeds of doubt about Monsanto’s soy supremacy

As farmers flock away from Monsanto’s old seeds and towards Corteva’s new ones, the 2 companies have entered a soybean-seed arms race.

Conor Grant • March 4, 2020

Eager to make their own ‘mafias,’ startups are launching funds to invest in ex-employees

The HR startup Lattice launched a VC fund to invest in its own alums, an attempt to actively encourage the creation of its own mafia of successful alumni.

Conor Grant • March 3, 2020

After ups and downs, Thyssenkrupp sells its elevator business at a top-floor price

Thyssenkrupp sold its elevator business for a hefty $18.9B to address debt issues.

Conor Grant • March 2, 2020

Best Buy’s Progressive Leasing can leave customers paying double

Best Buy partners with a company called Progressive Leasing to offer its customers installment payment options, but critics describe the model as predatory.

Conor Grant • February 27, 2020

Airbnb gets serious about party prevention with new anti-party sensors

Airbnb is encouraging its hosts to install noise-detecting “party sensors” in their latest effort to curb parties.

Conor Grant • February 26, 2020

Rolls-Royce sells exclusivity through a new app called ‘Whispers’

Rolls-Royce launched Whispers, an app that’s designed to extend the brands exclusivity by catering only to Rolls owners.

Conor Grant • February 25, 2020

Richard Branson is betting big on… party boats?

Richard Branson launched a new cruise line that caters to the party crowd, featuring on-ship tattoo parlors, yoga studios, and -- perhaps the biggest luxury of all -- no kids allowed.

Conor Grant • February 24, 2020

The company that makes the tags on your T-shirts is worth ~$500m. How?

A tag-making company called SML is for sale for roughly $500m because labels are indispensable for inventory management.

Conor Grant • February 24, 2020

Richard Branson is betting big on… party boats?

Richard Branson launched a new cruise line that caters to the party crowd, featuring on-ship tattoo parlors, yoga studios, and -- perhaps the biggest luxury of all -- no kids allowed.

Conor Grant • February 23, 2020

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