Etsy logo

Why Etsy is a financial lifeline for artisans in Ukraine

Ukraine-based Etsy shops have long had the highest sales rates in the world. The war has made those shops more critical than ever.

Mark Dent • 2 days ago
indoor cycling

One man’s quest to end cheating in virtual cycling

A cyclist discovered widespread cheating on the popular online cycling platform Zwift. Then came the death threats.

Katherine Laidlaw • September 22, 2023
Tom Cruise on a motorcycle

How Hollywood insures its biggest stunts

When Tom Cruise drives off a cliff, insurance companies are standing by in case something goes wrong.

Alex Mayyasi • September 15, 2023
football player holding money

Are superstar athletes good for the economy?

The world’s best athletes make us happier. It’s harder to tell if they make us richer.

Mark Dent • September 8, 2023

Where do fonts come from? This one business, mostly

Creators say they struggle to gain a foothold in a font market dominated by Monotype

Sara Friedman • August 25, 2023

The jobs most (and least) likely to land you on ‘The Bachelorette’

Over 19 seasons, 523 men have competed for the final rose. And on TV, some professions are sexier than others.

Zachary Crockett • August 19, 2023
vanilla beans

Why the world’s best vanilla is so easy to steal

A journey inside Mexico’s underground vanilla economy

Nathaniel Parish Flannery • August 11, 2023
spinning a record

Why nobody got paid for one of the most sampled sounds in hip-hop

This month marks the 50th anniversary of hip-hop. A few seconds from one forgotten rap song have tied artists and eras together for decades.

Mark Dent • August 4, 2023
Buc-ee’s storefront

How one man created a multimillion-dollar resale market for Buc-ee’s snacks

A legendary Texas convenience store chain didn’t have an online store for its popular treats. One entrepreneur decided to change that.

Zachary Crockett • July 28, 2023

The man who won the lottery 14 times

How a rogue Romanian economist legally gamed the lottery and won millions of dollars around the world.

Zachary Crockett • July 21, 2023
Ricolaaa gif

Why so many brands use sound to make you buy stuff

Netflix made sonic logos — the new version of jingles — trendy. But its success is hard to replicate.

Mark Dent • July 14, 2023
clouds and rain

The economics of making it rain

It may sound like sci-fi, but weather modification is a decades-old business that’s growing internationally.

Alex Mayyasi • July 7, 2023
counterfeit software on a computer

Why so much of the world runs on counterfeit software

Burned DVD discs, roadside vendors, and customers who have no idea what they’re buying

Olatunji Olaigbe • June 23, 2023
Taylor Swift

The Etsy sellers paying rent with Taylor Swift merch

Long lines and high demand for Swift’s Eras Tour gear have opened a market for creative fans.

Ali Montag • June 9, 2023

One man’s quest to make pickleball quiet

America’s fastest-growing sport has a noise problem. Can the solution be found in a makeshift lab outside Pittsburgh?

Mark Dent • June 2, 2023
Salvador Dalí

Why Salvador Dalí is the most faked artist in the world

Dalí’s legacy was thrown into disarray by an American myth: that art is an investment.

Mark Dent • May 12, 2023
Chris Matthews

The basketball journeyman who became a shooting coach to the stars

Many of the best shooters in the NBA, WNBA, and NCAA have hired Chris Matthews, a basketball entrepreneur.

Mark Dent • May 5, 2023

The secretary who helped uncover one of America’s strangest Ponzi schemes

Carpet cleaning, reputed mobsters, and a woman who refused to be fleeced.

Mark Dent • April 28, 2023

The developers who see dollar signs in abandoned downtowns

In today’s real estate market, finding a struggling office building that’s just right is like “a golden ticket.”

Alex Mayyasi • April 21, 2023

The economics of dating during high inflation

How much do people spend on dates? Where do they go? And how has inflation impacted dating life? The Hustle ran a survey to find out.

Mark Dent and Zachary Crockett • April 14, 2023

What old sitcoms reveal about America’s rising cost of housing

Living single with friends used to be a lot easier.

Mark Dent • March 25, 2023

Should we automate the CEO?

There has been a lot of buzz about how AI might eventually replace lower-rank workers. But why not start with the highest-paid corporate executives?

Zachary Crockett • March 11, 2023

Why some travelers fly across the world without leaving the airport

“Mileage runs” allow hardcore travelers to maintain elite status. Are they worth it?

Mark Dent • March 3, 2023

How the inventor of the troll doll missed out on a fortune

Trolls were one of the hottest toys of the 20th century — twice. But the original inventor only made a sliver of the proceeds.

Zachary Crockett • February 11, 2023

The Manhattan high-rise that shrunk itself down

In 1986, a New York zoning activist made a startling discovery: A newly constructed building was over a dozen floors too high. What followed was one of the strangest outcomes in the history of big-city housing.

Michael Waters • February 4, 2023

Why athletes (and some remote workers) owe a ‘jock tax’ wherever they go

Professional athletes owe major tax bills every time they work in another state. If you’re a remote employee, you might, too.

Mark Dent • January 28, 2023

What the hell are stock buybacks?

Major corporations are buying back their own stock at alarming rates. But whom does the practice really benefit?

Zachary Crockett • January 21, 2023

Why snow costs America a fortune every year

Snow is peaceful and calm when it falls, but it leads to billions of dollars in cascading costs.

Mark Dent • January 13, 2023

How two sisters monopolized the identical-twins business

The Ganz sisters built a thriving business around everything twins, triplets, and multiples.

Alex Mayyasi • January 6, 2023

The millionaire who lost it all and became a castaway

When David Glasheen lost his fortune in the 1980s stock crash, he packed a small suitcase and moved to a remote island. He’s been there ever since.

Zachary Crockett • December 17, 2022

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