Why gas is actually cheap in America 

Gas is at record-high prices in the United States, but it still costs far less than elsewhere in the world. And in the long run, Americans might pay for that privilege.

Mark Dent • August 13, 2022

Why is rent skyrocketing?

The Hustle surveyed 3k+ renters and landlords to find out how much rent has gone up in 2022, and what’s driving the surge.

Zachary Crockett • August 6, 2022

The people making millions off Listerine royalties

A little-known provision in a 100-year-old contract opened up the door for private investors to mint money from mouthwash sales.

Michael Waters • July 28, 2022

Why expensive housing prices aren’t good for most real estate agents

A hot housing market has attracted thousands of new agents. For most of them, the gold rush won’t be so lucrative.

Mark Dent • July 22, 2022

America’s favorite family outings are increasingly out of reach

Taking the kids to a baseball game, a movie, or Disneyland is a bigger financial commitment than it used to be for middle-class families.

Zachary Crockett • July 16, 2022

The $500m smiley face business

Nearly 50 years ago, one man ‘invented’ the modern smiley face. Then, another man halfway across the world made it into a multimillion-dollar cash cow.

Zachary Crockett • July 8, 2022

Can a corporation "own" a color?

A handful of companies have pushed the boundaries of intellectual property law by laying claim to individual colors.

Zachary Crockett • June 25, 2022

‘Just stop buying lattes’: The origins of a millennial housing myth

Financial gurus want young home shoppers to stop complaining and cut back on small luxuries. But there are broader affordability issues at play.

Mark Dent • June 18, 2022

A chat with Ray Dalio

We talked to one of the most successful investors in the world about inflation, the debt crisis, and the decline of the American empire.

Zachary Crockett • June 10, 2022

The lucrative economics of expert witnesses

The Depp-Heard trial was the latest courtroom battle to call attention to the gainful microeconomy of expert witnesses.

Zachary Crockett • June 4, 2022

Why America has so few carpenters

The Great Recession led to a carpenter exodus. But cultural and pay issues have stunted the profession’s growth for far longer.

Mark Dent • May 20, 2022

Why a small candy company is Warren Buffett’s ‘dream’ investment

The story of See’s Candies reminds us of the importance of consistency, quality, and long-term growth in investing.

Zachary Crockett • May 13, 2022

Why free stuff makes us irrational

When something is free, people feel a positive glow — and standard cost-benefit analyses go out the window.

Mark Dent • May 6, 2022

The strange business of hole-in-one insurance

When golf tournaments promise big cash prizes for holes-in-one, they turn to niche insurers to protect against a stroke of luck.

Zachary Crockett • April 29, 2022

The surprising afterlife of used hotel soap

Hotel guests leave behind millions of half-used bars of soap every day. A nonprofit is on a mission to repurpose them.

Zachary Crockett • April 22, 2022

The first ‘Easter eggs’ were an act of corporate rebellion

When Atari’s video game designers were stiffed on credit for their work, they expressed their dissatisfaction through hidden messages.

Mark Dent • April 15, 2022

Why most gas stations don’t make money from selling gas

With gas prices climbing up, you may think station owners are getting greedy. But the economics behind the pump tell a different story.

Zachary Crockett • April 15, 2022

Why thinking about inflation leads to more inflation

America is dealing with its worst inflation in nearly 40 years. It could get worse if inflationary psychology takes hold.

Mark Dent and Zachary Crockett • April 9, 2022

The guy who quit medical school to become an NBA referee

Suyash Mehta was on the fast track to a successful career as a doctor. Then, he took an extreme pivot.

Zachary Crockett • April 2, 2022

The popular electronics chain that scammed America

Crazy Eddie boasted some of the most impressive retail sales in the country. But its owner was more interested in conducting a brazen fraud.

Mark Dent • March 26, 2022

Are advertisers going to infiltrate our dreams?

Major brands like Coors, Microsoft, and Burger King want in on our dreams — and researchers are concerned about it.

Zachary Crockett • March 18, 2022

Why people are really leaving their jobs during the Great Resignation

The Hustle surveyed more than 1k people who left their jobs during the pandemic. Here are 4 of their stories.

Mark Dent • March 12, 2022

Meet the woman who builds the world’s most unique Airbnbs

Kristie Wolfe has built off-grid hobbit holes, treehouses, and potato-shaped abodes — often on a shoestring budget.

Zachary Crockett • March 5, 2022

How Ikea tricks you into buying more stuff

The home furnishings giant enlists a maze-like layout, cheap food, and crafty psychology to get you to fill up your cart.

Zachary Crockett • February 26, 2022

Is this the end of an Olympic ticket monopoly?

In recent years, Americans who want to attend the Olympic Games have been forced to buy tickets from CoSport, a small New Jersey company that rakes in millions.

Mark Dent • February 12, 2022

The economics of Spotify

Spotify’s recent Joe Rogan controversy has also deepened a rift between the platform and artists over pay.

Mark Dent • February 5, 2022

Would you take free land in rural America?

In the midst of a national housing shortage, towns on the Kansas plains are giving away free land and ultra-cheap houses. Is the offer worth it?

Mark Dent • January 29, 2022

The customers who repeatedly buy doomed products

‘Harbinger customers’ are really good at picking out things that fail — and in the product marketing business, they can be a kiss of death.

Zachary Crockett • January 22, 2022

What it’s like to make $100k+ walking dogs

The economics of dog walking can be lucrative — but the profession comes with a myriad of wild encounters.

Zachary Crockett • January 16, 2022

The con artist who sold rich investors a fake country

Nearly 200 years ago, Gregor MacGregor pulled off one of the most brazen real estate scams in history.

Mark Dent • January 7, 2022

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