A robot with a hand to its ear alongside a collage of translator-related imagery: headphones, a pen and notebook, and national flags of Spain, France, US, Japan, and Germany.

Spotify and OpenAI are just the tip of the AI-translation iceberg we’re about to crash into

Converting top podcasts into different languages is a big moment for AI translation tools, but it’s worth treading carefully around them.

Ben Berkley • September 27, 2023
Google search interest for QR code

At restaurants, things aren’t so black and white for the QR code

Are QR code menus a success? The data is a little pixelated.

Jacob Cohen • May 26, 2023
pagers in use by year

From ‘outdated’ to ‘wow, dated!’: Some consumers reconnect with old-school tech

Pagers and flip phones won’t hit the junkyard without a fight.

Jacob Cohen • May 23, 2023

Dentists are getting high-tech

Celebrity dentists are using high-tech AI tools and lasers to improve their craft.

Juliet Bennett Rylah • April 19, 2023

Is egg freezing ready for a high-tech upgrade?

A startup hopes its delicate automations can improve an error-prone manual industry.

Ben Berkley • April 17, 2023

It’s a pretty great time to get a PhD in AI

Companies are promising riches to lure top young minds in AI out of academia.

Ben Berkley • April 16, 2023

What happened with HustleGPT

HustleGPT was a viral sensation that asked if bots could become entrepreneurs.

Juliet Bennett Rylah • April 16, 2023
laser zapping weeds

Why pull weeds when you can zap them with AI-powered lasers?

An agtech startup hopes farmers find salvation in its high-tech, weed-eliminating machine.

Ben Berkley • April 12, 2023

Why do our weather apps betray us?

Why are our weather apps often so inaccurate? Weather’s complex.

Sara Friedman • April 12, 2023
golfing with a phone

Phone bans often putter out, but this one may be forever

Every April, the Masters is the biggest show in golf, but there’s not a cellphone in sight.

Ben Berkley • April 5, 2023
Clubhouse logo

Clubhouse outlasted its copycats — but should keep the Champagne on ice

Meta, Spotify, and Reddit are all retreating from social audio, and it’s hard to blame them.

Ben Berkley • April 4, 2023

Adobe makes its AI splash

Adobe announced a suite of generative AI features that let users create and modify images.

Juliet Bennett Rylah • March 22, 2023

The next frontier in facial-recognition tech: Not stealing dead people’s pics, ideally

A face-search engine scraping obit photos shows off the lawless land of post-mortem privacy.

Ben Berkley • March 13, 2023

The floppy disk is still kickin’

The humble floppy disk, invented in 1971, is still in use today.

Sara Friedman • March 8, 2023

These influencers are so fake… no, really

Virtual influencers are on the rise. Are these characters the next Marvel or Disney?

Juliet Bennett Rylah • February 16, 2023

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