A few dozen rows of newly manufactured cars photographed from above and transposed on an ominous purple background featuring lightning bolts and dollar bills.

If an auto industry exec tells you their job doesn’t suck, don’t believe them

A critical moment in the auto industry reverberates far beyond Detroit.

Ben Berkley • September 12, 2023
A Jack Russell Terrier wearing red sunglasses and holding a California pilot’s license sits in a gray helicopter on a blue background.

Just because you can easily fly this new helicopter doesn’t mean you should

For less than $200k — plus 30 hours of training and a standard driver’s license — you’ll be able to pilot a helicopter.

Ben Berkley • September 6, 2023
55 Driverless Vehicle incidents

Where there’s smoke, there’s an autonomous vehicle blocking a fire

GM’s Cruise and Google’s Waymo are all over San Francisco streets, much to first responders’ displeasure.

Ben Berkley • August 25, 2023
Alef vehicle

$750m reasons we’re getting ever closer to flying cars becoming a reality

Alef Aeronautics is inching ever closer to a viable flying car. Now what?

Ben Berkley • August 8, 2023
Number of Turo hosts over time

Can’t Airbnb the house? How ’bout the car, its roof, its headrest, your parking spot…

Nowadays, your car can be a business with multiple revenue streams. Whether it should be is another discussion.

Jacob Cohen • July 28, 2023

Your next driverless car trip may, aptly, be quite trippy

Halo.Car is testing its car-sharing service, which employs remote pilots to deliver cars to users’ front doors.

Ben Berkley • July 10, 2023

What’s Sergey Brin been up to? Look up and you’ll soon find out

Brin’s LTA (which stands for “Lighter Than Air”) wants to bring back airships. Yes, really.

Ben Berkley • June 13, 2023

NYC gets closer to its toll goals

NYC gets closer to implementing congestion pricing for drivers in lower Manhattan.

Juliet Bennett Rylah • June 12, 2023

Stretch limos are going, going, going, gone

“The bigger the better” has given way to “the longer the wronger.”

Ben Berkley • May 4, 2023
e-bike battery fires over time

The e-bike industry is hot… No, literally

And it’s getting hotter — OK, enough with the puns.

Jacob Cohen • March 7, 2023

A scooter company is… profitable?

Lime had its best year, while Bird cratered.

Mark Dent • February 22, 2023

Uber pulls ahead in the rideshare wars

What can Lyft do to keep up?

Jacob Cohen • February 13, 2023

Fox crosses the goal line on Super Bowl ads

This week, it declared inventory sold out.

Jacob Cohen • February 10, 2023

San Francisco has some thoughts on its robotaxi takeover

It still seems to support one; it just wants it to be done incrementally.

Jacob Cohen • February 1, 2023

How America’s pickups are changing

Less bed, more cab, and a whole lot of pleasure driving.

Jacob Cohen • January 27, 2023

Young people want EVs… but their wallets don’t

Younger generations are into electric vehicles… if they can afford them.

Juliet Bennett Rylah • November 14, 2022

Digits: FT-Ex, Prime Air, and more

Plus: Wordle’s leader, landline numbers, and a neat Uber stat.

Jacob Cohen • November 14, 2022

What happened to Carvana?

The company’s stock has plummeted from its pandemic highs.

Rob Litterst • November 8, 2022

Uber: Serving up rides, chow, and… ads

Uber: Serving up rides, chow, and… ads

Jacob Cohen • October 20, 2022

The Hertz fleet is buzzing

The rental car giant is on a mission to electrify its fleet.

Rob Litterst • September 26, 2022

Porsche plans to go public

The company needs capital to go electric.

Jacob Cohen • September 7, 2022

The ups and downs of NYC’s taxi medallion

The value of a NYC taxi medallion increased for the first time since 2014.

Rob Litterst • September 6, 2022

Digits: Solar sheep, a PornHub ban, and more

Plus: India’s electric boom, cheap pheromones, and Saudi tourism.

Jacob Cohen • September 6, 2022

United Airlines just made a down payment on flying taxis

Still, we’ll believe it when we see it.

Jacob Cohen • August 11, 2022

The ultra-wealthy’s private jets are under scrutiny

Celebs are taking private jets despite climate change woes. One Twitter account is tracking them.

Juliet Bennett Rylah • July 28, 2022

Automakers are falling in love with subscriptions

Not everyone is happy about the new pricing model.

Rob Litterst • July 14, 2022

Digits: Hummers, dog hotels, and $1T gift cards

Plus, more numbers about airplane innovations and cities seeing rent drops.

Jacob Cohen • July 5, 2022

The news around gas prices, explained

How we got here, and what’s being done to fix it.

Jacob Cohen • June 23, 2022

Is scooter-sharing back?

The pandemic put scooter-sharing on pause, but usage is bouncing back.

Rob Litterst • June 1, 2022

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