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Trung Phan interviews leading entrepreneurs, creators and investors to uncover key lessons and ideas for readers of The Hustle's Daily Email.

Trung’s interview outfit (AKA the “when you haven’t left the house in 11 months and forgot how to dress in public” get-up).

The Hustle Q&As


Trung Phan‘s Q&A for The Hustle‘s Daily Email

January 4th, 2021: “Kevin Lee tells us how his new startup immi is shaking up a $42B food category”

December 21st, 2020: “Dapper Labs CEO Roham Gharegozlou tells us what the most valuable NBA highlight is”

December 17th, 2020: “Wait But Why’s Tim Urban tells us the superpowers of being 20 and his request for a startup”

December 15th, 2020: “Public’s co-CEO Leif Abraham tells us why ‘investing is a forcing function for financial literacy'”

December 11th, 2020: “Extend’s CEO Woody Levin tells us why his startup raised $57m+ to fix the extended warranty experience”

December 7th, 2020: “Bill Pulte — the man behind the Twitter Philanthropy movement — gives us a request for a startup”

November 21st, 2020: “Doing Things Media co-founder Reid Hailey tells us how he created the hit Instagram show “All Gas No Brakes”

November 13th, 2020: “Jason Harris, one of America’s best marketers, shares insights on the ‘soulful’ art of persuasion”

November 10th, 2020: “Founding Tesla board member Laurie Yoler tells us about her long career in industry and investing”

November 3rd, 2020: “MSCFH — the internet’s art collective — takes over The Hustle’s newsletter for a day”

November 2nd, 2020: “Marketing Examples’ Harry Dry gives a masterclass in copywriting”

October 29th, 2020: “Early Casper employee and co-founder of Jinx Sameer Mehta tells us about the huge opportunity around dog health”

October 27th, 2020: “Cameo’s chief business officer Arthur Leopold tells us about the company’s B2B opportunity”

October 25th, 2020: “Liquid Death’s Mike Cessario tells us why he looks to Travis Scott for inspiration”

October 21st, 2020: “Guy Raz tells us why having an interesting life is just choosing to be curious”

October 14th, 2020: “SpaceX co-founder Jim Cantrell spent the 1990s developing deep expertise on Mars and Russia. Elon Musk would tap this outlier experience to help launch SpaceX”

October 14th, 2020: “Oda founder Nick Dangerfield tells us about his live music startup and what its like working with Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian”

October 8th, 2020: “Wix’s head of strategic marketing Liat Karpel Gurwicz tells us about how ecomm customers are preparing for the holidays”

October 5th, 2020: “ApplyBoard’s CEO Martin Basiri tells us what his ed-tech startup plans to do with its recent $55m raise”

September 29th, 2020: “Grimes’ music manager and the CEO of CreateSafe Daouda Leonard tells us about how he’s making the operating system for music”

September 23rd, 2020: “Gen-Z Whisperer Tiffany Zhong tells us everything we need to know about the generation born between 1995 and 2010″

September 21st, 2020: “Hint’s founder Kara Goldin recounts the personal doubts and challenges she overcame to build one of America’s most successful beverage businesses”

September 17th, 2020: “Magic Spoon’s co-founder Gabi Lewis tells us about the $11B US cereal market”

September 13th, 2020: “The team behind Yes Theory — one of the most popular channels on YouTube (1.8B+ views) — tells us about the true path to creative”

September 8th, 2020: “Revolution’s managing director David Hall tells us about the investment opportunity in the Midwest”

August 23rd, 2020: “NUGGS founder Ben Pasternak tells us how his startup operates like a tech company, whether he owns any $TSLA and a billion-dollar biz idea”

August 19th, 2020: “UFC Champ Michael Bisping tells us how he’s partnered with PlayLine to acquire the most popular Instagram meme accounts”

August 3rd, 2020: “Early investor in and Triller Jaeson Ma tells us about the shortform video app opportunity”

July 30th, 2020: “Veteran video producer Devin Dismang walks us through his daily process for creating the best behind-the-scenes NBA bubble show for Lakers centre Javale McGee

July 27th, 2020: “Italic founder Jeremy Cai tells us how he wants to bring the membership model that makes Costco famous to the D2C space.”

April 10th, 2020: “Lendio’s CEO Brock Blake talks about best practices for small businesses to secure a rescue loan”

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