KFC Crocs, Whopper perfume: Why your roommate suddenly smells like fast food

KFC’s new kicks look like -- and smell like -- fried chicken.

Michael Waters • July 29, 2020

The 21-year-old entrepreneur who’s reshaping the music charts

Flighthouse wants to become the MTV of the TikTok era.

Michael Waters • July 28, 2020

Put down your jack-o-lanterns. Halloween might be taking this year off.

Hershey’s is preparing for a big, spooky drop in candy sales.

Michael Waters • July 27, 2020

The latest turn in the celebrity booze boom is… Post Malone rosé?

Like winning a Grammy or moving to Hollywood Hills, branding booze seems to be a celebrity rite of passage.

Belle Long • July 22, 2020

Hollywood is in crisis. That spells trouble for movie-themed toys.

The summer blockbusters are postponed this year. But their tie-in toys weren’t.

Michael Waters • July 21, 2020

A data scientist analyzed 70k+ of YouTube’s trending videos. Here’s what he learned

Data shed insight on what it takes to get to the top of YouTube’s trending list.

Caroline Dohack • July 10, 2020

This app is sending people on blind scavenger hunts

It’s like Pokemon Go, but for people who believe in astrology.

Belle Long • July 10, 2020

This cannabis company is mining the celeb-to-consumer pipeline

Canopy Growth is teaming up with Martha Stewart and other celebs to bring cannabis products to the masses

Belle Long • July 1, 2020

A new treatment for ADHD? First-ever Rx video game lands a high score

This announcement of FDA approval for a prescription video game could break new ground in digital therapeutics.

Caroline Dohack • June 17, 2020

All I want to do is Zoom-a-Zoom-Zoom-Zoom … with minor celebrities

Forget Goat 2 Meeting. Now you can have a Zoom call with your favorite D-list celebrity.

Caroline Dohack • June 16, 2020

One reader’s newsletter for Black and brown women in tech

At the height of the pandemic, Vera Baker created a space for underrepresented women.

Michael Waters • June 12, 2020

Hollywood is back — just not as we know it

Live studio audiences are discouraged. Sex and fight scenes will look different, too.

Belle Long • June 10, 2020

TikTok’s new rival makes for a great side hustle

Killing time? Zynn will pay you to use its app.

Michael Waters • May 29, 2020

Will there be a summer box office? Ask ‘Tenet’

The film’s July release will either save 2020 movies -- or condemn them.

The Hustle • May 26, 2020

How the corona crisis changed the game for some of your favorite summer staples

Every day might still feel the same, but you can tell it’s summer by what’s on our shopping carts.

Nick DeSantis • May 25, 2020

Libraries hope their return will not be overdue

For many people, libraries provide essential services. But getting back to full service means libraries won’t look the same.

Michael Waters • May 18, 2020

An unusual bright spot in the gambling biz: People are itching for scratch-off tickets

With few other gambling options, the itch for instant gratification is powerful.

Nick DeSantis • May 15, 2020

Our mild encounters of the Hollywood kind

Inspired by a viral tweet, we run down our most mundane run-ins with the stars.

Nick DeSantis • May 15, 2020

Virtual reality can’t catch a break

The industry is facing an Oculus rift: It should be more popular right now, but consumers haven’t caught the wave.

Michael Waters • May 14, 2020

Dutch AI is coming for the Billboard charts

Eurovision is canceled, so a Dutch broadcaster organized a contest for algorithmically generated bangers

Michael Waters • May 13, 2020

You probably aren’t rich enough for these high-end Zoom fundraisers

Celebrities and the political class are pivoting to remote events to raise money for charity and campaigns.

Michael Waters • May 11, 2020

A theater chain’s unusual pivot: launching a streaming service of its own

The Alamo Drafthouse chain’s on-demand service wants to bring Weird Wednesdays right to your couch.

Nick DeSantis • May 11, 2020

Regular people are cobbling together a living with Zoom trivia nights

The new trivia kingpins are just a bunch of amateurs.

Michael Waters • May 6, 2020

The fashion world is officially endorsing your home catwalks

Designers are taking runway shows straight to the kitchen.

Michael Waters • May 5, 2020

The magic of network TV now happens in living rooms

TV shows are going fully remote -- and it’s not easy

Michael Waters • May 1, 2020

Animal Crossing’s stalk market is the only economic indicator you need right now

The twists and turns of the game’s fictional market have captivated real-life analysts.

Michael Waters • April 30, 2020

The booming business of handing out $10k on Instagram

Influencers are giving away cash on social media, but the real winner may be marketing firms.

Michael Waters • April 29, 2020

Oldies are golden and pop stars lose their luster: our quarantine listening habits

Bob Marley, Bob Dylan, and kids’ tunes are on the rise.

Nick DeSantis • April 27, 2020

For Netflix’s DVD-by-mail service, it ain’t over ‘til the fat lady streams

The business of red envelopes filled with physical DVDs is still profitable.

Caroline Dohack • April 27, 2020

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